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About Intuitive Coach Geralyn St joseph

Geralyn St Joseph a clairvoyant, intuitive reader utilizing a variety of tools. She enjoys helping others through her spiritual gifts.

Geralyn combines her metaphysical talents with her education and impressive business experience to offer different services; from personal coaching to business consulting. Geralyn has a BA in Communications with concentrations in Law and Psychology.

Geralyn has offered her services professionally since 1994. Her client base spans the USA from Philadelphia, PA to Hawaii. Her services are available by phone and in-person; classes are available by Internet for long distance or time-challenged clients.

Intuitive Coach Geralyn St Joseph is a highly effective motivational speaker, delivering talks on various subjects. Seminars and Classes include: Developing Your Intuition, Completing the Circle – Path to Self Empowerment, The Magical Manager – Getting the most from your employees, Hiring Basics – What you need to know and what you need to look for, Firing Basics – How many chances do you give?, The Power of the Employee Schedule – increase profit, decrease turnover, and more!

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Intuitive Coach Geralyn St Joseph is available for private sessions, group sessions, business consultations and corporate events: as an Intuitive Life Coach, Intuitive Business Coach or a motivational speaker.

Services are available in person, by phone & over the Internet.

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